Treatment Programs and Pricing

Initia Nova Treatment Programs and Pricing

To provide you with the highest quality care, maintain confidentiality, and avoid restrictions imposed by insurance companies, we are not in network with any insurers and collect the full fee at the time of service. This allows us to spend more time and direct more attention to you and your care rather than meeting insurance company requirements.

If you have coverage for out-of-network providers, as is typically offered by PPO insurance plans, you might receive some reimbursement for your treatment. However, this is not guaranteed and is determined by your insurance provider. After your treatment is provided, we will provide you with a superbill for you to submit to your insurance. Payment is due at the time of your visit via cash, check, credit card or HSA.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine infusion therapy has about a 70% response rate for treatment-resistant depression. While some patients start to receive benefits after just a few infusions, others don’t show improvement until their sixth or seventh. So if you are going to spend time and money on this therapy, it is recommended that you do at least eight infusions.

IV ketamine treatment starts with a series of infusions twice a week for three to four weeks until you begin to see improvement, then they are spread out. Most patients tend to need maintenance infusions about once a month. And while some patients prefer to relax, listen to music, and let the medication do all the work, others benefit greatly from doing therapy during their infusion. Read about Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy below and our Ketamine Infusion Therapy FAQ on the website to learn more.

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Ketamine Infusion Therapy Package

Includes initial evaluation by a physician, eight ketamine infusions over four to six weeks, and text or email communication with your physician: $3400 - Maintenance infusions after the program ends (if needed). $450

Single Ketamine Infusions (not in package)

Initial evaluation is $300. Each infusion is $550 for the first 6, then $450 each

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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein With ketamine assisted psychotherapy, you’ll work with one of our experienced trauma therapists during your infusion. The relaxation and mild dissociation you experience during the infusion can help you feel more comfortable processing negative emotions and memories associated with PTSD, depression, anxiety, OCD, and eating disorders.

KAP Package

Includes initial evaluation by a physician, eight ketamine infusions over four to six weeks, and text or email communication with your physician: $3400 Maintenance infusions after the program ends (if needed). $450

Single Ketamine Infusions (not in package)

Initial evaluation is $300. Each infusion is $550 for the first 6, then $450 each

Initia Nova collaborates with the area’s most experienced trauma therapists, and we work together to provide the most effective treatment possible. You will have 1-3 sessions with the therapist prior to starting infusions. The cost of therapy is separate and paid directly to the therapist. Their cost will be listed on their website and detailed in your evaluation with them, but typically costs around $225 – $250 per session

TMS Therapy

This Treatment is only offered at our Cherry Hill, NJ, Location.

Accelerated Theta Burst Protocol

Traditional TMS entails going to your doctor’s office every day, five days a week, for four-to-eight weeks. A typical TMS session lasts 37.5 minutes plus setup time. Insurance companies are starting to cover a portion of the treatment.

At Initia Nova, we use the Express TMS system from MagVenture with advanced theta burst technology. This treatment lasts just over 9 minutes, and thus you can receive more than one treatment in a day, although they must be separated by an hour. This is ideal for those whose demands of work, childcare, or life in general, make it very difficult to go to treatment every day.

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Our TMS program starts with treatment 2 to 3 days a week, with each treatment day lasting between 2 and 5 hours depending on your availability and the agreed-upon schedule between you and our physician, for a total of 6 to 18 treatment days over 3-6 weeks (compared to 30 to 40 treatment days of traditional TMS). As we create individual treatment plans for each client, there can be some variations of this. Additionally, you are able to drive yourself home after your treatment and have no restrictions on the rest of your day.

Combining TMS with psychotherapy can be helpful. In addition, TMS can be combined with ketamine infusion therapy when appropriate.

*Note: although the 3-minute theta burst treatment is FDA-approved, the accelerated protocol of multiple treatments in a day is not yet FDA-approved and is considered an off-label application. Therefore, insurance does not cover it.

Accelerated Theta Burst TMS Protocol

6-18 treatment days for a total of 36 nine-minute treatment sessions: $5900

Maintenance treatments after the program ends (if needed)

9-minute treatments: $100 (or 1 day of 5 treatments for $450)

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NAD+ IV Therapy

This Treatment is only offered at our Cherry Hill, NJ, Location.
NAD+ stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is an essential molecule found in every cell of our body; a coenzyme of vitamin B3 (niacin). NAD+ participates in more reactions than any other vitamin-derived molecule and is basically the building block of a healthy body. Our internal organs, brain, and neurological systems need NAD+ to function at optimal efficiency.

General Health and Wellness Program: 4 infusion days of 500 mg $1,450

NAD+ therapy is included in some programs at Initia Nova such as our comprehensive depression, alcohol, opiate, and post-concussion headache programs. Additionally, NAD+ can be added to any program for $400 per 500 mg of NAD+.

Disclaimer – NAD+ qualifies as a supplement under FDA guidelines. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Intravenous NAD+ therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Chronic Headache Treatments

This Treatment is only offered at our Cherry Hill, NJ, Location.
Chronic migraine headaches, cluster headaches, and trigeminal neuralgia can greatly interfere with a person’s life and ability to function. Current therapies are not adequate for many who continue to suffer. Ketamine infusion therapy and nerve blocks can significantly improve the symptoms of these conditions and work best when combined and done frequently at the start of treatment. The length of symptom relief is different for everyone and can range from a few weeks to many months, but it can often be controlled with maintenance treatments.

Comprehensive Headache Treatment Program: $2,950

Designed for patients with frequent headaches that significantly interfere with your life, functioning or happiness, or whom have already tried multiple other treatments with minimal success. Program includes:

  • 6 infusion days of ketamine and other headache medicines
  • Sphenopalatine ganglion nerve blocks (SPG blocks)
  • Trigeminal nerve blocks
  • Occipital nerve blocks
  • Trigger point injections (if appropriate)
  • Optimizing your migraine specific medications (or other headache variants)
  • Use of novel acute treatments like compound pharmacy nasal sprays and neuromodulation devices (TMS if appropriate)
  • Maintenance infusions (if needed) are $450 (includes SPG and cranial nerve blocks) – up to 1 hour infusion
  • 2 hour infusion: $650
  • 4 hour infusion: $950
  • Maintenance SPG and cranial nerve blocks are $100

Post-Traumatic Headache Treatment: $3,950

  • Includes all of the advanced treatments above plus NAD+ brain restoration infusion therapy
  • Maintenance Infusions are $550 (includes SPG block and NAD+)

Combined Migraine Headache and Depression/PTSD Treatment Program: $3,950

  • Combines all of the advanced treatments in the KAP Program with the Comprehensive Headache Treatment Program, including 3 initial psychotherapy sessions and 8 ketamine-assisted psychotherapy sessions. (the cost of therapy is separate and paid directly to the therapist)

Concierge Medicine for Alcoholism

This Treatment is only offered at our Cherry Hill, NJ, Location.

Alcohol use disorder is a neurobiological disease and deserves to be treated as such. While an inpatient detox can cost $10,000, and a 30-day rehab up to $30,000, these often have little long-term success. Traditional 12-step programs have about a 5% success rate of sobriety after a year. Additionally, most outpatient programs require you to work around their schedule and participate in group counseling.

At Initia Nova, we tailor an individual program to meet your needs. Our concierge medicine program starts with a thorough assessment with our physician, who then develops an individualized treatment program specific to you. The doctor will prescribe you medications and explain how to use them. We recommend you also work with a therapist as you start to learn to live without alcohol and the unique challenges that might present for you.

You will initially work closely and speak frequently with the doctor to adjust medications which is vitally important in the first few weeks of treatment as you deal with cravings, anxiety, and insomnia. This may include in-office visits, phone calls or text with our secure texting app called Spruce, whichever is best for your situation and confidentiality.

Once we find the right combination of medications for you, we will start ketamine infusion therapy to further help reset your brain’s neurochemistry to its normal level of functioning. We also use NAD+ brain restoration infusions to maximize neural cell health and improve energy and sleep.

Through our maintenance therapy program, we retrain your brain to first learn to live without alcohol, and then learn to love your new life and all the joys that go with it. We help you cope in the real world, where alcohol still exists, but you are able to choose not to use it, while enjoying the comforts of living at home and the ability to go to work. It is this close interaction and access to your physician, and advanced medical treatments that makes this program unique and provides the highest chance of success.

Our physician will do a free phone consultation and decide if you qualify for our program. If you would then like a formal in-office evaluation, the cost is $300. If you enroll in the program this fee will be deducted from the cost of the program. Email us today for more information:

Concierge Medicine Program – 3 month package:$5,900

  • Includes initial comprehensive physician evaluation
  • Prescribing and titrating of medications
  • Ketamine infusion therapy (at least 8 infusions)
  • Infusions of NAD+
  • Text communication with your physician 
  • Payment due in full at start of program.

Maintenance infusions after the program:$550

  • Includes ketamine and NAD+

Moderate Drinking Program

This Treatment is only offered at our Cherry Hill, NJ, Location.

For many people that struggle with alcoholism, the disease controls their life. It often interferes with relationships, and work and can cause legal troubles like DUI. Most of these clients need to strive for complete abstinence from alcohol.

But there are many other people that still function well in work and their relationships, and can safely enjoy alcohol, but are starting to realize that they drink more than they would like. Some only drink on weekends but drink excessively. Others have noticed that they are starting to drink almost daily and desire to reduce the amount and frequency that they drink.

If you or your loved ones are noticing that your alcohol intake is becoming a bit too excessive, and you do not have significant depression or anxiety, our Moderate Drinking Program might be right for you. Dr. Sullivan will review several medication options to help you achieve a safer way for you to enjoy alcohol.

We encourage your support person(s) to join you in the office as well. It has been our experience that the optimal chance of success comes with our 2-month moderate drinking program, including a support person in your treatment plan, and working with a substance abuse counselor. We can recommend a counselor if you don’t have one.

2 month Moderate Drinking Program: $1,950

  • Includes 2 physician office visits
  • Prescribing medications
  • Frequent text communication w/ the physician for medication management
  • Once stabilized on medications, you are required to see the Dr. at least every 6 months for reevaluation and prescription refills: $300

Comprehensive Depression Treatment

This Treatment is only offered at our Cherry Hill, NJ, Location.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) with Theta Burst Stimulation, plus Ketamine Infusion Therapy, plus NAD+ infusions

Treatment-resistant depression can be debilitating and significantly interfere with not only your happiness but your ability to work and function. Often it is more difficult to treat as it is co-occurring with anxiety, PTSD, drug or alcohol abuse, and insomnia. These conditions didn’t develop overnight, and thus require time and effort to treat appropriately.

At Initia Nova, we have developed a comprehensive treatment program to help you achieve your new beginning and start enjoying life again. Your journey begins with an advanced form of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) called theta burst. We use an accelerated protocol, so you don’t have to have treatment every day like traditional TMS.

You will then start ketamine infusion therapy, or ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP adds additional cost paid directly to the therapist). If necessary we may combine TMS and ketamine for some treatments. Once you start improving we will begin infusions of NAD+ to maximize your overall health and well being. We encourage you to participate in individual psychotherapy outside of the program as well.

We can help refer you to a therapist if needed. We will gladly communicate with your existing therapist or psychiatrist about your care. You will have the ability to communicate with your physician via a secure texting app or email. If you are ready to start a new chapter in your life and invest in yourself, this is the program for you.

Comprehensive Treatment Program for Depression: $8900

Includes initial medical and psychological evaluation by a physician, ketamine infusion therapy (at least 8 infusions), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) (at least 36 sessions), NAD+ infusions, and text communication with your physician 

  • As each program is individualized, the exact amount of each treatment will differ.

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