Moderate Drinking Program

This Treatment is only offered at our Cherry Hill, NJ, Location.

Embracing a Sober Lifestyle:
Finding Joy and Fulfillment in Alcohol Recovery

For many people that struggle with alcoholism, the disease controls their life. It often interferes with relationships, and work and can cause legal troubles like DUI. Most of these clients need to strive for complete abstinence from alcohol. 

But there are many other people that still function well in work and their relationships, and can safely enjoy alcohol, but are starting to realize that they drink more than they would like. Some only drink on weekends but drink excessively. Others have noticed that they are starting to drink almost daily and desire to reduce the amount and frequency that they drink.

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If you or your loved ones are noticing that your alcohol intake is becoming a bit too excessive, and you do not have significant depression or anxiety, our moderate drinking program might be right for you. Dr. Sullivan will review several medication options to help you achieve a safer way for you to enjoy alcohol.

We encourage your support person(s) to join you in the office as well. It has been our experience that the optimal chance of success comes with our 2-month moderate drinking program, including a support person in your treatment plan, and working with a substance abuse counselor. We can recommend a counselor if you don’t have one.

Treatment Cost

  • 2 month Moderate Drinking Program: $1,950

    • Includes 2 physician office visits
    • Prescribing medications
    • Frequent text communication w/ the physician for medication management
    • Once stabilized on medications, you are required to see the Dr. at least every 6 months for reevaluation and prescription refills: $300

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