CNN: “Ketamine offers lifeline for people with severe depression, suicidal thoughts”

cnn ketamine offers lifeline for people with severe depression suicidal thoughts

In this CNN story, Ben Tinker and Dr. Sanjay Gupta explore the use of ketamine therapy for severe, treatment resistant depression and suicidal ideation: Kane explained that ketamine works in depressed patients by growing synapses in areas of the brain that have atrophied, namely the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex. “If you think of it like […]

Who should try ketamine therapy?

who should try ketamine therapy

What does it feel like? The hype around psychedelic drug therapy has put the spotlight on ketamine. We answer 10 common questions. By Rachel Zimmerman Ketamine is an anesthetic used to sedate both humans and pets, and it’s a favorite of partygoers seeking a psychedelic high. Now it’s also the subject of an enormous amount […]